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Book Review: Son Of Shiva by Preetha Rajah Kannan

Title: Son of Shiva
Author: Preetha Rajah Kannan
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House


Kartikeya is an ancient god, traceable to the Vedic era. Also known as Murugan, Skanda, Kumara, and Subrahmanya, he is the Hindu god of war and as such the commander-in-chief of the celestial army. An important deity found all over the Indian subcontinent in its history, Kartikeya is particularly popular in South India, such as among the Tamil people. He is heralded as the champion of gods and commands great respect from his followers. He is the son of Parvati and Shiva, brother of Ganesha, and a god whose life story has many versions in Hinduism. Based on this background, Preetha Rajah Kannan’s ‘Son of Shiva’ explores the stories related to Kartikeya.
Though the protagonist of the book is Kartikeya, he makes his appearance only in the third segment of the book. By this time half the book is over. Kannan has gone into a lot of back story before telling the actual one. The book actually starts with Parvati being banished from Kailash, to her adoption by Daksha, marriage to Shiva, rebirth as Girija, remarriage to Shiva, and finally the birth of Kartikeya. One may think that this book is more about the story of Shiva than his son. But it does not spoil one’s reading experience for the author’s way with words has the capacity to cast a spell on the reader.
Kannan writes assuredly and evocatively and with a precise eye for details. The flowing language and short chapters makes for easy reading. The occasional illustrations add a certain kind of charm to the story itself. There’s nothing path-breaking about this book, but it never bores. One would think that it is an exhausted subject for new writing, but the fact remains that mythology retellings seldom go wrong.
To sum it, ‘Son of Shiva’ is a neat package and a delight for mythology lovers.

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About the Author

Preetha Rajah Kannan is the author of Shiva in the City of Nectar, an enthralling collection of stories based on the revered Tamil text, Thiruvilayaadal Puranam. She is also the editor of Navagraha Purana, a translation of the eponymous Telugu work on the mythology of the nine planets, by celebrated author V. S. Rao. Kannan has contributed extensively to newspapers and magazines, such as The New Indian Express and The Express School Magazine. A homemaker and a mother of two boys, she lives with her family in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

I'd like to thank the author for letting me review the book. I do hope you end up liking the book when you read it. Thank you so much for stopping by, and happy reading! 

* I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Book Review: Changing Places by Anne K Edwards

Title: Changing Places
Author: Anne K Edwards
Age Level: 4-8


A clueless house-cat, Whiskers, tries to make a new friend. He is confused by this peculiar looking tail-like creature. The creature is much like his own tail and yet different. For starters, the creature is much longer than his tail and is not furry.  But friendship knows no shapes and sizes. Whiskers finds the opportunity to speak with his new-found mate, the snake, and the two trade places.
A trip to the big world outside his known and protective world turns out to be full of ordeal for Whiskers. The same is true for the snake. The outside world is what appeals to him for he isn’t welcome in any household. There’s a lesson to be learnt here — the grass may appear greener on the other side, but it isn’t. That venturing out into the world on one’s own may not be such a great idea is another lesson to be learnt (for toddlers) through this delightful picture book.
Edwards employs brief sentences and the simplest of words to tell this slight tale. Words and pictures together create an utterly engaging picture book experience — eye-catching and just plain fun. The clear lines, bright colors, and cartoonish feel of the illustrations will surely appeal to the book’s intended audience. Well-tuned to the preschool sense of humor.

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About the Author

Anne K. Edwards enjoys writing tales for children when she’s not focusing on a mystery. Some stories are ideas taken from little misadventures of her cat who actually did fall off the porch and land on a large blacksnake as it was sunning itself. Both were more than a little surprised.

I'd like to thank the author for letting me review the book. I do hope you end up liking the book when you read it. Thank you so much for stopping by, and happy reading! 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Sales Blitz: Blissful Disaster by Amy L Gale

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JUNE 11TH - 17TH



One night stands.
Career-driven Ali Whitman, never dreamed of having one, until she finds herself waking up next to a handsome tattooed man she knows nothing about. After celebrating her promotion to field reporter at Entertainment Rocks! magazine, she breaks her number one rule - to focus on work without the distraction of the opposite sex.


Tyler Young lives by his own set. As bassist for Devil’s Garden, he exudes sexual energy and lives for the moment; no strings attached, no regrets, and no looking back.
When the two are brought face to face during an interview it goes sour, sparking a string of disasters. As their feelings for each other grow, they find themselves living by a new set of rules, but demons from the past haunt their new found love. Is it possible to crawl from the ashes of the aftermath or will it all go down in flames?






amy.jpgRomance author by night, pharmacist by day, Amy Gale loves rock music and the feel of sand between her toes. She attended Wilkes University where she graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. In addition to writing, she enjoys baking, scary movies, rock concerts, and reading books at the beach. She lives in the lush forest of Northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, six cats, and golden retriever.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cover Reveal: Against All Odds by Danielle Steel

First look at "Against All Odds"

A new title from the biggest-selling living fiction writer in the world, written straight from the heart.

Taking chances is part of life, but when you bet your future against the odds, it’s a high-risk game …


Kate Madison's stylish second-hand clothing shop has been a big success in New York, supporting her and her four kids since her husband's untimely death. Now her children have grown up and are ready to forge lives of their own. They all choose to play against the odds, much to their mother's dismay . . .

Isabelle, a dedicated attorney, is in line to make partner at her Wall Street firm, when she falls for a client she represents in a criminal case. She tells herself she can make a life with him - but can she? Julie, a young designer, meets a man who seems too good to be true and falls under his spell. She marries him quickly, gives up her job, moves to LA to be at his side, ignoring the danger signs. Is all what it seems? Justin is a struggling writer who pushes for children with his partner before they're financially or emotionally ready. Will the strain on the relationship take too high a toll? Willie, the youngest, a tech expert, makes a choice that shocks them all, with a woman fifteen years older . . .

Kate - loving, supportive and outspoken - can't keep her children from playing against the odds. Can the odds be beaten? No matter how much she loves him, in the end, the risks are their own and the hardest lesson as a mother is that she can't protect them from the choices they make.

About the Author

Danielle Steel has been hailed as one of the world's most popular authors, with nearly a billion copies of her novels sold. Her many international bestsellers include Property of a Noblewoman, Blue, Precious Gifts, Undercover, Country, Prodigal Son, Pegasus, A Perfect Life, and other highly acclaimed novels. She is also the author of His Bright Light, the story of her son Nick Traina's life and death; A Gift of Hope, a memoir of her work with the homeless;and the children's books Pretty Minnie in Paris and Pretty Minnie in Hollywood.

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Sale Tour: Unbroken by Riley Edwards


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Unbroken - A second chance at love story - Episode 1

June 6th - June 13th

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Five years after my husband’s brutal murder, I am still trying to piece my life back together.

A series of disastrous events sends, not only my life but my son’s life into peril. With everything spiraling out of control, and our safety on the line, I have no choice but to ask my longtime friend, Reid for help.
I realize my mistake too late. Reid is all in, and is taking over my life completely. He looks at me like a woman, not a widow or a mother. He makes we wish for things I know I shouldn’t have.
Just when he opens my eyes to the world around me, and I see the man that has been standing right in front of me all these years - it’s too late. One kiss is all I am allowed before my life takes another painful twist and all thoughts of happiness are torn from my reach.

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What are readers saying?

"The Collective, Unbroken, begins by pulling at your heartstrings and then quickly delves into the mystery that will lead you down twists and turns searching for clues. The first book by Riley Edwards is quick paced and grossly engaging as you try to figure out the puzzle of “who done it” before the characters do." - Amazon review

"Loved this story!! It is full of twist and turns and clues!! It kept me on the edge of my chair the entire book! This series is going to be unique and different and definitely full of suspense and mystery." - Amazon Reviewer

"From the very first sentence, I found myself wanting to find out what was going to happen in this book. End of my curiosity had the best of me. The characters were well matched and the antics had me laughing. Riley did an exceptional job collaborating this story. The way she put a title at the beginning of each chapter caught my attention and had my mind wondering what was in store. There was definitely a mix of emotion while reading, but I definitely had no trouble reading. In fact, I didn't want to put it down to go to work or sleep. Definitely an amazingly entertaining and well written book. Kudos Riley, well done!!" - Amazon Reviewer

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Riley Edwards, Erin Trejo, Ellie Masters, Elias Raven, Chris Genovese, Carver Pike

"This crossover series is a huge win for all the authors involved. Don’t miss any of the releases. Each book will pull you in, leave you wanting more while you teeter on the edge of your seat with suspense." AmazonReviewer

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Chris Genovese - Quills and Daggers 5.30.17 -
Riley Edwards Unbroken (part two) 6.13.17 -
Erin Trejo -TBA - 6.27.17 - Pre order coming soon
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